Yep, this one year definitely will be tough. I had a hard time convincing myself to do RV today (well, after I had a go on one of my exam targets which seemed like a pool game yesterday and today it went all ice curling on me. I got puzzled and frustrated. Anyway, we’ll see…



Little red riding hood sightseeing in Vienna. Well, almost. Victory Day (May Day) Parade in Moscow. I kept practicing turns this time too. Unfortunately, I did not get much on the tanks and the parade.


The moves worked well again. The target was the Jesus statue in Vung Tau, Vietnam. The original sketch: My first move is a turn 180 degrees and sketch : Then a move 90 degrees to the right and sketch: A turn around: Finally a move above:

8887 9997

Oh, this is going to be a long year 😀 Anyways, the target was the London Eye. My first visual impression was pretty rough 🙂 Luckily it got clearer. I am going to pay attention to do more moves in the future, so I did few moves in this session too. One was a turn…


Now that was a cryptocurrency as target, where I follow Daz’s suggested protocol of viewing the logo, the CEO, the market trends and the technology behind the cryptocurrency. It was decent, safe the technology data always comes so symbolic and cryptic, I have no clue how to interpret it. So the crypto target was Decentraland…


Now I wish I had spent a bit more time on that target. It turns out it was not a traditional arabic market, but the libraries of Chinguetti filled with books on astronomy, mathematics, medicine, and all the other branches of science and research of the day. Full session:


Okay, I definitely did not figure it was Rubik’s cube they were playing, all else is good. One thing I recognized is I categorically confused the neck straps for aprons 🙂 There is my adult with the ponytail (no he is definitely not a lady, I mistaken that): I could also find the blond, blue…


Okay, this was definitely educational. I figured I am looking at something that was a spectacular performance, sort of like a circus. My main gestalt was a biological, that looked like it was wearing red, golden glittery silky clothes, it was of asian origin, in a weird contorted posture, doing acrobatics, impressing the spectators. The…