Beehive stones in Northern Hungary

Target 99853398 was tasked by Viewer 014 on the 20th of february 2021. The task was to describe the beehive stones located in the northern part of Hungary.

Beehive stones or beehive rocks of Hungary are volcanif tuff rock formations, often naturally conical towers, with niches or cavities carved into their sides. A limited number of rocks with niches can be found even close to Budapest, in the area of the Pilis mountains and the Budai-hegység hills, especially on its Tétényi-fennsík plateau. However, the city most densely surrounded by such formations is Eger, in the Bükkalja area. The rocks with niches were first called beehive stones by residents of Szomolya, maybe after the meadow adjacent to a group of rocks, where beehives could be stored (Kaptár-rét = Beehive meadow). On average, niches are 60-cm high, 30-cm wide and 25 to 30-cm deep. In well-preserved niches, the recessed rims along the edges (some with holes on the sides) are still observable. Currently, the purpose of carving the rocks and the intended use of the niches are unknown. So far, the “Who? When? Why?” questions could not be answered without doubts remaining.

For main gestalts I had:

  1. Manmade structure
  2. Motion/energy
  3. Land

As descriptors for the verifiable manmade structure, I got data such as: clayish, rough, dried (-out), reddish brown, porouse, warm, resonant, humming, curvy, domed, arched, rectangular (opening), hollow, embedded (in natural land), biologicals (inside) AOL/SC: feels like a hut, dwelling-like, educational, central and mound-like. For the verifiable land, I also had descriptors: strange, wavy, irregular, rocky, patchy, dry, arid, hilly on parts, flat on other parts, pebbly. As you can see from the illustrations above, most data is highly descriptive of the target. Pieces of data that does not fit our current understanding of the target in this section are: resonant, humming and educational. These descriptors might be noise, or might be data pertaining to the why / for what purpose question.

Photographer: Baráz Csaba

For the target, I had some additional non-verifiable elements, such as a central biological who I described as etheric (that descriptor usually signifies a person who passed away in my sessions), wise, old, female, dressed in blue-white garments, with white or grey hair.

So although data related to the purpose or creators was parse (and the tasking was not focusing on that aspect of the target either) we have only a few morsels, whith regards to who created those niches in the tuff towers and why, but that data leans toward indicating some sort of spiritual-educational purpose.

The full session is available here:

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