This is one of those targets. When you see the feedback and you go: what have I viewed, because certainly not that. The target was the James Webb telescope launch by ESA.

Safe a tubular form I AOLd a rocket, not much really reminded me on this photo on anything I had in my session. There is water here, large greenery, huge energetics. None of which was present in my session. But i turns out this was quite an okay session overall, safe the fact that I thought the target was a location/structure, so I only made one spacial move, and did not do any temporal moves, hence, I ended up viewing the preparations for the launch only.

The matches:

The launch site was ELA-3, the carrier the Ariane 5 rocket.

Ariane–5 – Wikipédia

So, a reminder to self. Movement in time is advised. 🙂

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