Okay, I figured I was getting extremely bored with the fully verifiable targets, to the point the resistance to do them has become a miss-sequence. So, I will switch up my practice from fully verifiable to newspieces that have some questions open.

Today I picked from my target envelope pile the following target:

The first impression of the target I had was a biological standing close to a pile of muddy earth overgronw with moss. The biological was holding out a long metallic object that first was described resembling a sword, later as a crane. The ring was discovered by a metal detectorist in the village of Downham, so this depiction is most logically the moment of the discovery:

Then my focus moved onto something that was red, golden, longer with a spherical bump and criscrossy elements. Upon searching for more information I have realized I probably was picking up on the side view of the ring, I drew and AOL-d two pins and a ring:

At this point noone knows who the owner of the ring was, speculation is that it belong to someone of high rank.

My data showed a male biological wearing a lot of heavy armor as the original owner of the ring, and also indicates two pins also were part of the set. This part of the session is open to potential future feedback. The verifiable elements of the session stand verified, overall, I am very happy with the session.

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