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Oh, this is going to be a long year 😀

Anyways, the target was the London Eye. My first visual impression was pretty rough 🙂

Luckily it got clearer.

London Eye to transform into a menorah for Chanukah! | Jewish News

I am going to pay attention to do more moves in the future, so I did few moves in this session too. One was a turn 180 degrees (away from the target) and describe.

Another one was move to the most important element of the target:

View from the top of the London Eye. | London, Travel photos, Travel

And one was move inside the target:

Inside A Capsule On The Ba London Eye High-Res Stock Photo - Getty Images

Ahh, if only I did not move to P4 with the “trading” purpose. The touristic would have been the correct conceptual cue, the jurisdiction belongs to the County Hall behind on the right, the trading to the Shell Center behind on the left. I just walked off target. No wonder the signal dropped.

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