Okay, this was definitely educational. I figured I am looking at something that was a spectacular performance, sort of like a circus. My main gestalt was a biological, that looked like it was wearing red, golden glittery silky clothes, it was of asian origin, in a weird contorted posture, doing acrobatics, impressing the spectators. The target was Macy’s Christmas Parade in 1927. At first I was a bit bumped, given I got good data in phase 4, but I was not sure if I can verify if my asian contortion artist wearing gold and red silk was really present at the event or not.

Then I found this image in the footage. A silky dragon (hence my association with chinese) puppet of bordeaux and gold colours, sitting atop a box, and (since the material is slightly transparent you can actually see) being moved by a human inside. Sure, it is manmade, with a biological inside, but the visual match of the drawing is good.

My drawing:

Yaaay. I am overall happy with this session.

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