Phew, that was confusing! But definitely a great reminder to describe, not identify. This again is a target from the Target Monkey, namely the UFO House (Futuro) in New Zealand. I had zero, absolutely zero clue this was supposed to be a dwelling. But you will see. So the target:

Fantasyhouse: Ufo house in New Zealand in New Zealand, Special buildings

My renderings:

Please dont ask me how the pegs got there, I don’t know. 😀 Probably the strange protruded oval windows ended up drawn as pegs on my drawings. Anyways, I think I got the key points in under 5 pages. And it is a goal of mine to get accurate data in as condensed of a format as possible. Noone has the time of the day to read 30 pages of tangential information on the grass below the target right? 😉

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