Okay, this was an interesting target, a Pink Fairy Armadillo. Just for the added value, I am going to add visuals similar to what popped up in my head to illustrate the process I have gone through with this, rather boring, target.

The gestalts I had were biological, manmade, water and land. The first impression that popped up for me was pink. What I seen was sort of like part of a pink meringue from close up, so I described it as pink, puffy, round, rimmed or ridged, curving, waving, semi-soft, puffy.

At that point I felt this was a bit weird so I retook the IAB sequence and ended up with biological, and motion-energy as gestalts. The biological I described as pink, skinny, animalistis (SC: alien-looking), bendy, curvy, wrinkled, skin-textured. The next impression I had was the close-up of an elephant leg, later with a belly also appearing. I have added descriptors such as puffy, bloated, wrinkly, skinny. My mind continued guessing, this time it figured the target might be a dinosaur. (For those interested, I checked, “with their bony exterior, armadillo’s have often been called living dinosaurs. Now, a new study further confirms it by finding they are related the now extinct glyptodonts—huge, armored mammals that went extinct in the Americas at the end of the last ice age”)

Actually there was not much more data that came so I did a sort of a drawing of what I understood the biological to be and ended the session.

And here is our pink dinausaur:

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