This target was tasked by Pawel and Lori as part of Lori’s intermediate monthly practice club, I was monitored by my intermediate buddy.

The target was the first Global Climate Strike of 2019 organized as part of a snowballing movement sparked by teenage activist Greta Thunberg’s school strikes outside the Swedish parliament.

My session started out with a flat, rectangular, glossy, strangely-lit flickery manmade that I understood as a screen on a wall, projecting images of underwater scenes or of an aquarium (SC).

In a long SC note I declared that on that screen they are showing images and movies of strange weather, unbalanced climate, extreme climate and weather in different locations.

I at that point sensed that the purpose of the target was ecological and related to sustainability. My immediate stray cat was Greta Thunberg. The P2 ambiance descriptors gathered were doomed, fatalistic, serious, catastrophic, scary, hazardous, extinct, disappearing, threatening, the main dimensionals were global and extreme. The site impact impressions of the target were angry, pissed, demanding, zealous, aimed with a show of force.

I, at that point got anxious, agitated, uneasy so my monitor asked me to move back to the manmade I had as gestalt in my phase 1. I started describing the main manmade component as 2 dimensional, flat, rectangular, plasticy, glossy, slowly progressing. It is my understanding I was describing protest banners/signs as the manmade. My tangibles were biologicals, signs (banners) and vehicles, my conceptuals were demonstrating, showing, calling attention, educating. My cats from the signal line were march and protest.

At that point my monitor asked me to move to the main biological and describe. I described a biological that had a bordeaux or maroon puffy coat, dressed up for colder climate, young, female with lightbrown or blond hair, thin, in her early 20’s, fair skinned, white european/caucasian, medium-tall, skinny. When I probed her I had a sense of resignation, of giving up, a feeling of a lost cause coming across.

See her bordeaux coat? 😉

The session is available here:

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