The Ziggurat of Ur

A practice target I did to pass time. The target was: [1901 | 2021]/ Great Ziggurat of Ur, Iraq/ Describe/ The viewer will move to an optimum position and time period to describe/sketch the structure known as the Great Ziggurat of Ur at its peak. The viewer will also describe the purpose and use of the structure.

I worked the Ziggurat of Ur as a target once not long ago in a project under another TRN, and I failed that one pretty bad, so I am suprised I hit this time.

In a nutshell, the quick session data points to the direction that the place was purely ceremonial. Due to the fact that seeds, grass, straw, fertilizers and poo smells came through strong, I would assume for fertility rituals possibly.

My sketches worthy of note:

This next sketch is probably from its peak period:

There was a lot of human activity around the site, I could hear kids playing around and cheering, women chattering, I disctinctively drew a water canal and later on a well, I also could hear water rushing at the site, and eagle squeals. (Fun fact: I verified, there are native eagles in Iraq called eastern imperial eagles, and also that Mesopotamians had eloquent and complex aquaduct systems in Ur and also elsewhere, the thing I drew looks like a ring-drain).

I also picked up that the target location is now barren, silent and abandoned:

As with respect to the intended purpose of the target, I got images of a male dressed in weird clothing atop, doing some chanting and …dancing from the looks of it:

The theme could probably be fertility related:

Mesopotamian priest-kings are often depicted as only wearing a headdress and something to cover the primary gender characteristics, and they often depict gods as if having wings (see human sketch 2):

So it seems the purpose of the Ziggurate was religious-ceremonial.

Session available here:

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