The GRB 190114C gamma ray burst

The target was tasked by Daz in his group, the tasking cue was:

2109 – 1171: GRB 190114C Gamma ray burst | Approx 4.5B miles away | January 2019 (Directive: The viewer is to move to the time and location of the gamma ray burst and to describe the gamma-ray burst from inside the burst – only.)

Some information on the target: GRB 190114C was a notable gamma-ray burst explosion from a galaxy 4.5 billion light years away (z=0.4245; magnitude=15.60est) near the Fornax constellation, that was initially detected in January 2019. The afterglow light emitted soon after the burst was found to be tera-electron volt radiation from inverse Compton emission, identified for the first time. The host galaxy of the GRB 190114C is actually one of a pair of colliding galaxies. The galaxy interactions may have contributed to spawning the outburst. The most recent studies propose, in summary, a model of binary system of hypernova (BdHN I) with two neutron stars, where one of them collapses in a black hole, surrounded by an accretion disk and from whose poles the GRB is launched.

I did both a CRV and a basic HRVG session on this target, and had the following data:

A light burst, shaking, firey expulsion:

My first ideogram

Light, blue, energetic, radiant, triad:

My second ideogram

Notice how there is a hole surrounded by what looks like rings followed by emission, and three radiant objects aligned nearby. That is aligned with the results of the most recent studies (The most recent studies propose, in summary, a model of binary system of hypernova (BdHN I) with two neutron stars, where one of them collapses in a black hole, surrounded by an accretion disk and from whose poles the GRB is launched.) Triad might be a reference to the Fornax constellation, as a spacial locator in the sky.

Next, I describe a floaty blob, ejecting (energetics) like a laser.

My third ideogram

My playfair and nimo describe a vacuum and floaty feelings, space as texture, speckled gassy textures that are forming rings (accreation disks), fluxy energetics that are whooshing across, and a dense compact emergent metallic oval shape labeled as “core”. The temperature varies from a generally chilly to burning hot close to the energetics. The sounds I perceive are sizzly, staticy roaring, like white noise, screechy, high-pitched (with repeating peeeoooow sounds) and ominous magnetic humming, “like those singing bowls”, and “like a big fire bursting”.

I have repeated sketches of a round center and rings (or accreation disk), an image of what could be understood as two half-galaxies mismatched, a sketch labeled “the eye of Sauron” and a black hole:

The CRV session adds depth of data to the visuals: I describe a dark, silent, still, cool, spacious environment that envelops me, and above me a smallsourced, slit or poked, powerful, radiant, white energy that is almost blinding.

Then I describe two astronauts who are covering some manmade on what looks like the Lunar surface with an anti-radiation insulating technological fabric. Do we have people on the Moon now? I thought we don’t. Anyways, maybe we do, so I add this:

But… after this small detour let us get back to that gamma ray burst. So.. we have a dense heavy, powerful metallic element that is sketched as the black center, with labels such as “core” and “magnetar core”, that is warping, thwarting, electromagnetic and reminds me of the Bifröst (Thor movies). It is described as optical, emitting, and spewing out, with concepts such as “light related”, “parcels or packets of information being spewed out”.

Packets or parcels of information spewed out or burst out is a very interesting datapoint with regards to the Black Hole information Paradox (remember the recent theory suggests one of the neutron stars has collapsed into a black hole, the other to an accreation disk).

But the coolest thing is what comes next: Daz specifically asked the viewers to describe the gamma-ray burst from inside the burst. So here I drew a mesmerized, tranced out, awed astronaut in full gear floating in front of a rainbow coloured streak of optical emission (see sketch above for context) and I wrote down: hologram projection. Where have I seen something similar. Oh wait…the tesseract in interstellar:

Image from inside the Tesseract, show as a library of books- Interstellar

Some additional sketches I had shown a round hole with fluid (well, actually energetics) flowing out.

And a black dot bending space, gravity and light.

Overall, one of the coolest targets I have ever done. I wish I had time that day to explore more.

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  1. Impressive Miss Henni,
    Very clean and defined. Both the Hrvg and Crv sessions are excellent examples of applied remote viewing.
    Bravo Zulu

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