Remote viewing the Book of Boba Fett – part 3

By Chris Niemack

Lily produced several storyboard-esque sketches which were nearly identical to or highly suggestive of specific set designs, biologicals and props seen in the series.

Something to note is that the majority of Lily’s sketches appear to have relation to sequences from the finale episode, primarily. Below shows the young rancor running amok in the finale, a homage to King Kong.

Another facet that the viewer focused on was the concept of a spider. Spider-like droids do appear in different varieties throughout the show.

Going over Lily’s session as a whole, it is hard to find criticism that it does not capture the gestalt of Star Wars’ world building universe. Although the viewer does not commit to anything very specific with written descriptors, the majority of the descriptors are within the realm of the target. These include: brownish landscape, multiple subjects in motion, hands on various objects. A reference to Titan Station harkens to Glavis, an artificial ring-shaped space station setting to a later and highly acclaimed episode of the Boba Fett series.”Seeing flashes of light, thin, jumpy, arcing” would also match nicely with blaster battle scenes.

Lily’s repeat of the descriptor “production” lends credence to the likelihood that the viewer picked up on the creative and theater aspect of the target similar to another viewer on the project.

John Dixon got the coveted ‘naming the target in AOL’ with “Star Wars”. While that did not satisfy the tasking, it still sends a chill down my back and puts a smile on my face.

The very stylized sketch of a manmade which the viewer explored while in session with such descriptors as “bridged across, glass-like, gold-like, gears”

Post-session it was described as a “huge window with a metallic platform”.

That drew me to reference the below image of a pivotal sequence in the show during the ‘surprise’ Mandalorian-centered episode inserted in the Boba Fett series.

Moving forward John tactfully set the AOL aside and began describing what may be a high entropy scene also described by other viewers on the project. With “hovering” and an AOL of “guns a blazing” as well as what appears to be a pointed flying craft facing a smaller land craft in the page below.

It would be within reason to attribute that data to the below scene of Boba Fett getting revenge on the gang of thugs on swoop bikes.


Ultimately, there was no plot surprise or an unforeseen twist within The Book of Boba Fett series as the tasker had hoped. The viewers nonetheless documented good data and identified many elements and tropes within the show, some subtle and some blatant.

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