A trip to the Tundra

In 1999, Alexei Tikhonov of the Zoological Institute in Saint Petersburg joined by an international team of scientists took a month-long expedition to the Siberian tundra near Khatanga, where they excavated the remains of a 23 000 year old adult Mammoth.

The target was to “move to the optimum position/location and describe the mammoth in the minutes before its death.

I totally missed the mark on describing the actual mammoth before its death, I instead described the expedition that found its remains. I probably should be like OMG noo! – but I am actually very happy with the data I had with respect to the actual location and the expedition itself.

Remote area, cold, vast, cliffy, grassy, moisty, Tundra, close to the Arctic, Morotva lakes, ice/glacial erosion.

And the part on the expedition:

Some photos of Tikhonov’s expeditions from1999 and 2017:

And lastly I saw something that I understood to be some aboriginal meet hanger artefact, that could be the Mammoth skeleta remains:

Full session:

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