What happened to Zigmund Adamski?

Zigmund Jan Adamski was a retired coal-miner who lived in the small Yorkshire town of Tingley, near Wakefield. At 3:30 on the afternoon of 6 June 1980, Zigmund left home and set out, on foot, to buy some potatoes from a nearby shop. He was never seen alive again. Five days later, on Wednesday 11 June, his body was found by Trevor Parker, lying on top of a 12ft coal pile in a coal yard at the railway station in Todmorden.

“On examination it was found that Adamski had died of a heart-attack. What compounded the mystery though were sinister burn marks on his neck and shoulders. There was a strange gel substance covering the burn marks. His clothes were in good condition, which seemed to rule out any idea that he had been living rough over the previous 5 days. Mr Adamski seemed to have been somewhat crudely re-dressed if anything. He was wearing a coat (which was buttoned up the wrong way) and vest, but no shirt, his trousers weren’t fastened properly, and neither were his shoes.

No traces of coal dust were found on his clothing. Although he had been missing for 5 days, there was only one day’s growth of beard on his face. He had eaten well, but not on the day he had died. It was said that it looked as though he had been dropped there from above. One of the first responding police officers, Alan Godfrey was to relate how Adamski’s face looked contorted with terror, which was borne out by the coroner, who said Mr Adamski must have known great fear or pain before passing.

At the postmortem it was concluded that he must have died between 11 and 1 o’clock on the Wednesday lunchtime, the day that he was found. He had received the burn on his neck two days previously. The strange gel-like ointment was tested by a Home Office laboratory but remained unidentifiable.” – Sarah Hapgood, Strange Tales.

Zigmund’s disappearance and death is one of the most baffling unsolved mysteries to date. How did he disappear only a few corners away from his home, while out doing some grocery shopping? How come no one has seen anything suspicious? Where was he and what was he doing during those five days before his body was found? What were those strange injuries on his head, neck and shoulders? Why was he shaven fresh, but not dressed properly? How did he end up on top of a pile of coal? Was this an unfortunate accident? A natural death with somewhat weird circumstances? A homicide? Or something beyond our wildest imagination?  

The official COD was listed as a heart attack, and the coroner noted Zigmund Adamski must have known great fear or pain before passing, but what caused the heart attack or why are the circumstances of his death so strange remains unknown.

There are numerous theories as to what might have happened to Zigmund. Let’s take account of the most prominent ones!

  • The robbery scenario – when Zigmund’s body was found, his shirt, watch and wallet were missing, which lead some investigators to theorize that he might have been a victim of a robbery-gone-wrong, given Zigmund (who suffered from lung deformity and heart conditions) died due to the panic and fear experienced during the event.
  • The dementia scenario – given his age and bad health conditions, some suspect that his unexplainable disappearance was due to a sudden onset of cognitive impairment with vascular contributions, leaving him wandering for days before collapsing dead of a heart attack.
  • The family feud scenario – Adamski and his wife had been caught in the middle of a family feud. A female family member had gotten a restraining order (RO) against her husband, and Adamski and his wife allowed her to stay with them. Adamski’s family members speculate the man with the RO had taken Adamski in a fit of rage, holding him captive. The stress of the incident could have led to his heart failure.
  • The KGB scenario – without much elaboration on the details, due possibly to Zigmund’s ancestry, a theory was put forth that his disappearance and death has KGB involvement. KGB stands for Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti, or Committee for State Security, and it served as the main security agency for the Soviet Union, the agency was allegedly behind the passings of several people who have done something the USSR considered detrimental, eliminating traitors or enemies of the state.
  • The ball lightning scenario – another theory is that Adamski was struck by ball lightning, causing the burns and stopping his heart. Ball lightning differs from regular lightning in that it’s spherical and seems to move parallel to the ground. It can take vertical jumps and come from the sky or materialize on the ground. Being struck by ball lightning certainly explains Adamski’s burns and his stopped heart.
  • The UFO scenario – Todmorden is reportedly a hotbed for extraterrestrial activity. This – along with the unexplained burn marks on his body and the bizarre manner in which he was found – has led many to believe this was the work of otherworldly beings. Alan Godfrey is one of the police officers who originally investigated Adamski’s case and subsequently had his own alien encounter. Godfrey became rather vocal about his belief in alien lifeforms, abductions, and his skepticism about Adamski’s actual COD. He believes aliens and a UFO were involved.

Unfortunately, the police investigation into his disappearance and death could not answer any of the above questions beyond a shadow of a doubt. Could remote viewing shed light on the real events that led to the death of Zigmund Adamski?

Let’s see what information Charlie, David, Jemma, John (Adams), John (Dixon), Josh, Lily, Oana (Dimi), Patrick and myself got on the case.

Charlie starts off his session describing a glimmering entryway, with gelatinous texture and light bouncing everywhere, a feeling of high energy and constant motion, overwhelm, a sense of doom and gloom, of being drained, disjointed and unbalanced. He depicts a hand with fingers curling in, as if trying to reach or grab onto something and deduces the target is a crime scene.

He then goes on to sketch a coiling, tethering, twisting shape, describing a feeling of emptiness, tiredness, desolation, an ocean, an event horizon, a void of nothingness and light piercing the middle of darkness.

These visuals and descriptors most likely indicate Zigmund having fallen from above down through a tight tunnel or throat, or could be symbolic of the death process itself, for vortices, energetic tunnels, feelings of floating and a void are often depicted in targets that involve the passing of a biological.

One interesting detail in Charlie’s description is the depicted sense of falling, a high-speed movement downward, which might indicate that the Zigmund died while falling down from somewhere.

This detail ties in to one puzzling aspect of Zigmund’s death: when his body was found, he was lying on his back, his clothes were clean and the pile of coal beneath him seemed to be intact. If he wasn’t covered in coal dust from climbing to the top of a 10-foot-high pile of coal, how did he get up there? It was like he had been placed, or as Charlie’s data suggests, dropped there by someone or something. We cannot however extrapolate the manner of death from Charlie’s session.

David starts his session describing an outdoors location part of which is sequestered, unauthorized for entry, off limits with a police officer keeping out curious folks from the premises. He then describes a dead body lying horizontally, resembling “the embalmed corpse of Lenin.” When investigating how long has the body been lying there dead, he concludes that it was a recent event, the person has died recently. This detail corroborates with the autopsy report that suggested Zigmund passed between 11:15 am and 1:15 pm on June 11, 1980; only few hours before his body was discovered.

When he moves above the scene to assess the location where the body is lying at, he describes a big space, something curving and arched like a roof and a boxy structure with stripes under-neath. He deduces that the location is like a railway station, which is correct, the body was found at the coal yard of Todmorden railway station. One interesting detail in David’s description here is that he perceives the body lying on something with horizontal lines below, like the railway tracks, not on a coal pile, which strengthens the suspicion that his body was placed (or dropped) atop the coal pile postmortem.

When moving to view the cause of death, David picks up a quick impact, a crushy, squeezy feeling, a straight penetrating wound in the middle of the ribcage, just above the heart, right about the sternum, which could have resulted in the puncturing or clipping of an artery. He describes a male wearing a suit witnessing the event, who sees an altercation or pushing, like a robbery or assassination, with two or three people approaching Zigmund from behind the left field cutting in front of him and one person putting their left arm around behind the victim’s shoulders, shooting or stabbing him.

David’s description of the actual death event also corroborates with known information. He depicts the event as an altercation or pushing, like a robbery or assassination. On the day of his disappearance, Zigmund set out to do some grocery shopping, he was dressed properly and he had his wallet with about £20 inside. When his body was found at the coal yard, he was wearing his suit but his shirt, watch and wallet were missing.  

David also correctly identifies the sternum-heart area when examining the cause of death. He declares the death was caused by a quick straight penetrating wound, an impact, a crushy, squeezy feeling that caused internal damage around the heart area. The autopsy ruled the COD a heart attack, however no penetrating wounds were found around the sternum, so Zigmund could not have been shot or stabbed in the sternum area. There were, however, several small burn marks, similar in shape and size on the rare of his skull, back of neck and shoulders.

Overall, the information provided by David’s session hints that the manner of death might have been a homicide, the act was committed by a small group of biologicals portrayed as gangsters or thieves.

Jemma first identifies a manmade structure used by a biological, which she describes as shiny, hard, slightly bumpy, smooth, yellow, black, and curvy and reports a fast motion, things moving around, a feeling of being shoved around in an aggressive manner. She hears sounds of chaos, commotion, running, panic, and an angry masculine shouting.

Her sense of the target ambiance is that of fear, panic, distraught, a nefarious, confrontational bad event or disaster. Next Jemma depicts a scene with lifeforms sitting around, planning something in a dark, creepy, cave-like environment.

She then describes a scene with crashing, crumbling, rumbling, a sense of being grabbed or pulled around, a quick forward but erratic motion. She reports a feeling of overwhelm, head pressure similar to explosion, and notes down concepts such as injuries, shellshock, radiation, eradication, brutality power and force.

Jemma then describes strong, big, intimidating, patrolling, surveying figures carrying dangerous structures in a guarded, secured facility.

The area of the secured facility is described by Jemma as hard, gravelly, stony, rocky, rectangular, and large, desolate and secluded, with an authoritative ambiance, militaristic feeling biologicals wearing uniforms threatening trespassing.

Her depiction of the location greatly resembles that of David: the big rectangular fenced facility with open space, the stony, rocky, gravelly outdoors and the uniformed patrolling biologicals might be the coal yard of the train station at the time the forensics and police officers were investigating the case.

Regarding the manmade that is described as shiny, hard, slightly bumpy, smooth, yellow, black and curvy, in a fast motion and in use by a biological, we can assume it to be some sort of vehicle that played some role in Zigmund’s disappearance and death. Whether it is an aerial or terrestrial vehicle cannot be extrapolated from the data.

Jemma’s description of commotion, fear, panic, running away, the feeling of being shoved around in an aggressive manner and the sense of being grabbed or pulled around are similar to David’s findings and are suggestive of a physical altercation having taken place, hinting that the manner of death might have been a homicide.

John (Adams) first picks upon a meandering, walking around motion, then a slow, back and forth, floaty rocking motion, followed by a sense of dropping and falling that he deduces to be parachuting which echoes Charlie’s description and sketch of a biological falling downwards.

He also describes an angular, dark, bleak surface with a hole, later adding that the land is dirty, rocky, gravelly and muddy at the target site and also sketches vertical geometric shapes that remind him of a wall. The visuals match the area (the coal pile near the yard’s fence) where Zigmund’s body was found.

It is important to note that in John’s session the recurring visual element with respect to the falling down motion is that of a pit-like hole or tunnel downward.

His data suggests that the protagonist of the target event is lying flat, in pain, after a collision or impact having fallen into a pit.

Strikingly, like Charlie, John also depicts a hand with curled fingers, grabbing onto something.

The sequence of motion he describes is reaching, swaying, teetering followed by dropping or falling down and ends with lying down flat. Like Charlie’s, John’s visuals and descriptors most likely indicate Zigmund having fallen from above down through a tighter tunnel or throat with a bright light beaming through the opening above, alas this imagery could also be symbolic of the death process itself, for vortices, energetic tunnels, feelings of floating and a void are often depicted in targets that involve the passing of a biological. 

Given that John reports a wandering walking motion in the beginning which aligns with the theory of Zigmund having a sudden onset of cognitive impairment, his session hints that the manner of death might have been an accident. The odd detail however is that John reports that the body is lying at the bottom of a cavern or a pit, not on the top of a coal pile, suggesting that Zigmund’s body was moved to where it was later discovered after his unfortunate death. But by whom and for what reason is the real location covered up? Could it be that Zigmund wandered into an off-limits area, got noticed and while trying to flee, he suffered a fatal accident and his body was discarded away from the actual site?

John (Dixon) describes a smooth, silky, shiny, aluminum oval or teardrop-shaped, pointed, elongated object in a horizontal configuration. He also describes a blackish, diamond-like long pointed cubic object in a rotating motion and an uneven large pile of slabs of stone below.

He also describes and sketches a boxy manmade structure with pillars and arching roofs (like the one David described as the railway station) and biologicals leaving the location in packed rows.

His final sketch contains an object shown in a downward falling motion, the boxy manmade with arching roofs below it, and mentions a pilot-hole.

John summarizes that the target is an event involving a transportation manmade and a sound-or frequency-based object that brought fatalities, fear, and paranoia, and is related to the disappearance of a person. He indicates that the current argument is that the event was an accident because key evidence is missing. He stipulates the event was premeditated and the main motive behind it was retribution, suggesting that the manner of death is homicide staged as an accident.

In his sessions Josh describes a regular, hardworking middle-aged male resembling Jack Nicholson whose heart stops, then he collapses and falls into a pile of ash.

Zigmund Adamski

When examining the cause of death, he deduces that it was a natural cause, a chamber blockage. However, when Josh queries the target biological, the target biological responds that it was killed saying “Lex did it or Alex did it” indicating that Zigmund might have known the perpetrator.

Other elements in his session suggest that Zigmund might have been exposed to lethal amounts of energetics or radiation, and hint at the involvement of a manmade (mentioning an engine with pistons moving, machinery), hustle and bustle and a domineering biological he labels a “boss man”.

I also noted how one of his sketches shows what looks like an aerial vehicle with a biological inside it crossing over the scene, then performing a dipping, descending motion above where Zigmund’s body is depicted lying. This is the fourth session that indicates a drop from above and like John Dixon, Josh hints involvement of an aerial vehicle and some form of energetics (John described it as a sound or frequency-based device).

Lily starts her session with describing a male with thick dark hair, prominent features and a mustache, in appearance resembling Abraham Lincoln or Tesla, standing with something like a briefcase in his hands.

She then describes a large circular ring forming in the sky, with chugging, horn sounds, and a sense of boom as if something was shot in the air.

At this point she reports feelings of nausea, dizziness, and pressure, noting that the feeling reminds her of G-force (fast acceleration), causing head pressure, headache and chest pressure and a feeling as if it was hard to breathe. When she probes for what is causing these sensations, she gets the intuitive impression that it is claustrophobia and formaldehyde.

She goes on to describe the impression of being in a boxy structure, at the base of a grey wall, beneath other biologicals who are poking at her. She reports a sense of urgency and terror, a militaristic ambiance, and the impression that there are other biologicals around, huddled together.

She then moves on to describe a location with a large structure that is circular and flat at the top, green vegetation like hedges and trees, near a larger water body. Like Jemma, Lily also draws a biological, portraying it as if holding some weaponry in the hands.

She then moves to describe the slightly domed, reddish-peachy coloured, metallic remains of a manmade that appears to have been crashed.

She then returns to describe men in uniforms with rifle-shaped weapons, scared people laying on the ground or seated against the walls.

She describes the scene as a hostage situation, a “slave ship”. She also reports what looks like barrels of toxic chemicals with a greenish liquid inside them. She describes the greenish substance as corrosive, damaging, destructive and altering DNA. Lily’s mention of the specific green corrosive substance matches with the coroner’s report who found several burn marks on Zigmund’s skull, neck, and shoulder, coated with an unidentified green liquid.

When moving back to the structure she described as boxy and grey in the beginning, she notes that it is part of a larger structure, green tinted and glassy, angled, greyish with orange stripe. She reports that the structure is a facility or institution with the purpose of maintaining order, benefitting a continent or a country.

She also reports a golden cylindrical sheen, smooth structure with a grid-like surface pattern and multiple golden spherical energetics floating or suspended.

Overall, Lily’s description of the events depicts a hostage situation involving uniformed and gunned biologicals, a land based location with a towery structure, vegetation and a land water-interface nearby. Her describing the structure in which the main biological was kept hostage as a facility or institution with the purpose of maintaining order, benefitting a continent or a country, and her mentions of Stalin and the Cold War remind us of the theory put forward suggesting that Zigmund might have been killed by the KGB. However, that theory is not expanded upon in any of the sources we could find, so there are unfortunately no details to cross-validate Lily’s data on.

On the other hand, Lily also mentions a manmade that crashed, a large circular ring forming in the sky, a sense of boom and golden spherical floating/suspended energetics which do not fit the KGB kidnapping narrative but rather that of the UFO abduction theory.

Oana (Dimi) starts her session describing a round, hard, enclosed, hollow, grey, metallic, and buzzing manmade that she deduces to be a UFO.

She further describes this manmade as floating, curving, glowing, translucent, geometrical, whitish blue, perceiving and scanning.

She describes the target site as a rural area with mountains in the vicinity, also sketching a streaky body of water crossing the landscape, which is an accurate depiction of Todmorden.

Like Lily, Dimi also reports a thunder-like crackling sound and a loud boom, and a manmade crashing down shattering to pieces.

She classifies the target as an orchestrated event and describes those behind the orchestrating as rulers of the world, conquerors with intentions of carrying out physical experimentation, resetting until the climax, “sweeping the trash”.

As the key aspect of the target, she describes again lightning striking from up down, a charged, electrostatic sense in the air, something descending from up downwards, the ambiance she describes is rather apocalyptic, a doom event.

She also depicts a rigorous, crude, ruthless biological descending from above downward in a bubble-like protective energetics who is prospecting and is gathering information.

Based on her sketches and descriptions, Dimi’s session supports the UFO abduction theory the most.

Patrick starts his session describing a blue, white, airy, cool, open wide space with a panoramic view, flapping and breezy sounds, as well as a bright, round, curving, big manmade on a height or elevated. He also mentions a male biological at a cold, quiet, distant location.

He then describes wavy motion and green hued, sparkling, glowing, radiating energetics. When further examining the energetics, he reports it is a flashing, sparkling light form that has an outer wave-like pattern, it is bright green, luminous, mutable, changing its shape and form whilst remaining contained, hovering. Like Lily and Dimi, Patrick also reports crackling sound and an electrically charged feel. He concludes the energetics are of an exotic nature, with a sense of high strangeness to them, and they are somehow connected to a manmade. His impression is that of a UFO that is phasing in and out, as if trying to materialize.

Patrick later also describes the manmade that the exotic energetics are connected to. He depicts a dark, grey, mahogany colored solid, angular, edgy, big, metallic structure with flat parts (like panes) and vertical, angular parts with a frame feel. He likens the structure to a pagoda or a tower. His overall impression of the target site is that of an off-planet strange, remote location.

Because of the declared manmade connection to the energetics, Patrick’s session also leans towards the UFO abduction theory the most.

I (Henni) as a viewer start my session describing a twisting, turning, trailing, corkscrewing motion downwards which I liken to nosediving downwards, deducing I am seeing an old-style airplane falling, asking myself if the target is a crash event. The downwards falling motion is a recurring perception among viewers, and Dimi and Lily also have data indicating something crashing down.

I describe the manmade that is in a cascading down motion as white, red, small, cross shaped, and I pick it up nosediving above arable lands with a meandering waterbody and elevated hilly land formations below, with a sketch similar to the landscape sketched by Dimi.

I also draw a manmade that I describe as metallic, spherical, oblong, bronze, or copper, capsule-shaped, hollow, bitter, chemical, steamy, bioactive, biohazardous, bio altering and leaking.

When moving to what causes the aerial manmade to nosedive, I pick up two male biologicals and a big commotion on board, noting that it feels as if one of the biologicals who is in control of the vehicle is imitating a crash to scare or coerce the other biological on board to do his bidding. The situation is likened to a hustle, a fight, a physical altercation taking place.

One of the biologicals on board appears to be a very tall and lean male with whitish skin, thick, curly black hair, sporting a mustache and a goatee. I liken this male to Borat and Pharaohs, whom – due to some genetic condition caused by inbreeding- often had extremely elongated heads and limbs. This first male appears cunning, manipulative, threatening, keeping the other biological hostage, I deduce he is a perpetrator, a kidnapper in the scenario, desperately trying to get something from his victim.

The other biological is described as a Caucasian older human male with brownish grey curly hair. This man appears shorter than the other one and s described as dressed casually, wearing a shirt. I note this second male is “taken against his will”, “has no clue what is going on”, is threatened and extremely scared, “trying to survive the ride”, “trying to hold on tight”, a victim in the scenario. I note the second biological is so scared he is close to getting a heart attack, which aligns with the coroner’s evaluation, who said “Mr Adamski must have known great fear or pain before passing“. By the end of my second session the second biological is reported as “knocked out unconscious, either fainted or dead”

My own data indicates the Sigmund’s disappearance was a kidnapping involving another biological and an aerial manmade, it also suggests that the death of Zigmund was not originally intended, it was a biproduct of his fearful reaction to the hostage situation and physical altercation taking place. The original intent appears to have been the aquisition of something from him, against his will.

Overall, there is no consensus in remote viewing data with regards to how Zigmund disappeared and died, some details we have gathered are contradictory, there are also some common verbal and visual clues that emerge across sessions as peresented below. We will publish them here without further speculation, leaving the case open:

The full sessions are made available HERE.

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