Remote viewing the Book of Boba Fett – part 2

We are back with part 2 of our Book of Boba Fett remote viewing series. As a memory refresher, the tasking cue was to “Describe the most secret plot event to be revealed in The Book of Boba Fett television miniseries story.” This time we explore what Jemma and Henni had in their respective sessions.

Jemma Warner

Jemma nicely acclimated to the target from the beginning with “This ideogram seems unusual/unknown to me. Potentially connected to a natural structure but seems like there’s more to it [than] that”.

Then described “Sandy, grainy, tingly smooth/soft in places feels pliable, changeable or malleable, slightly raised or bumpy”. Also smells of static electricity, a hint of a wood-like taste difficult to identify and sounds of low, constant buzzing.

Finally, a sense of something moving fast with smoke trails.

She follows this signal line and experiences a temperature that “feels like a mixture of cool and hot”. Additionally a feeling of ascending very quickly to the point of “altitude sickness” and AOLs of Sonic Boom and Breaking the sound barrier.

At this point it appears the viewer leaves ambiguity behind and focuses on certain plot elements. The return of perception that “things are moving past [the viewer] quickly” but now include a feeling of danger for herself and/or others with an AOL of Mission. Followed by “Assistance needed. Fight wrong-doing. Sense of foreboding” and AOL of Military. Also noted in session was “Keep your eyes on the sky”.

What is most likely being described in regards to the target is a sequence where Boba Fett exacts revenge on a gang of speeder bike thugs who had killed the protagonist’s surrogate tribe of Tusken sand people earlier. It includes about a dozen of the bikers travelling at high speeds when Boba Fett’s ship appears in the sky behind them.

The reasoning to link the session to this subplot involves a symbol sketched by the viewer that has resemblance (though not an exact match) to the biker gang’s tag.

The viewer then notes “lots of different structures” and “weird shapes” and accompanying sketches but they are somewhat broad and have no obvious relationship to the target.

Curiously, Jemma was the only viewer on this project to pick up and probe biologicals in some detail. They were described as wearing work jumpsuits, hazmat suits or protective gear. Their genders were undetermined but seemed masculine.

They were doing some sort of construction. Holding tools, “objects” and a light.

I feel this was on target in some sense but was neither so vague it was not a hit nor detailed enough to be confirmed as a miss.

Some speculation would point toward these being Tusken sand people who do wear protective helmets and robes and are difficult to determine their genders.

Alternatively, these details could also be applied to this being the Mandalorian himself wielding the Darksaber along with the Armorer who’s genders would only be determined by their voices and observation of body build.

The viewer ends Stage 3 with an aire of mystery; a sketch of a man’s face and noted “Dark hair, slightly balding or thin hair” and seemed “intelligent”.

Henrietta Hajdu

Henni perceived man-made and motion and soon began describing “circular” and “rotating” then declared a Stray Cat/AOL of Wheel.

The viewer followed this with another Stray Cat/AOL of Tour de France and gave direction to probe to arrive at descriptions including; “lean” “muscular”, “sitting position”.

The viewer then probed the man-made to find “spinning”, “wheel-like”, “metallic” and Stray Cat/AOL’d Wheel again.

The viewer then began describing tactiles and while many would fall into a bicycle race she did note under sounds “soaring” and “humming” with a Stray Cat/AOL of Intensifying Noise.

This appears to be where the viewer broke from their AOL Drive (although none was declared) and tuned into the desired signal line.

Also of note here the description of a “Weirdly bitter smell”, “sour smell”.

Another Stray Cat/AOL but this time compounded as Jet propulsion or wheels.

The viewer declares an AI of “I feel like I am looking at something with pretty high speed”. “Confused a bit”.

A session note is made: “I keep having some historical/sepia coloured impressions of a film footage with a man on a strange bike”.

Then made the sketch included below.

The viewer’s Stray Cat/AOL now cites No wheels and hovering.

The viewer trusted this data despite it’s strangeness and began to explore it’s nature and purpose in Phases 4 and 5. This included several descriptions including “innovation”, “ground-breaking”, “competiton”, “research”.

While being careful not to name the target, it was clear that the viewer perceived this to be a form of new or novel technology.

In regards to the tasking, Henni was quite on target. Speeder bikes, which operate on a form of propulsion have become a popular trope in Star Wars specifically in The Mandalorian and especially in The Book of Boba Fett.

There are two sequences that involve hovering speeder bikes which would correlate with this session.

The tasker is confident the strongest correlation is when Boba Fett teaches the Tuskens how to ride said speeder bikes to give them a competitive edge for survival.

Within the story, from the Tusken’s point of view, this technology would be “high tech”, “cutting edge” and enabling in “gaining advantage” over a violent aggressor.

This line of analysis would also correlate with “brown haired”, “protective geared”, “bent forward” and Stray Cat/AOL of Goggles and head protector to describe a Tusken on a speeder bike.

This was a very tight session that left little ambiguity. Regarding the tasking, the audience knew prior to the premiere of the show that Boba Fett had some contact with the Tuskens as he appeared in a previously aired episode of The Mandalorian in Tusken clothing and with a Tusken weapon although how he acquired them was not mentioned in that Mandalorian episode and it could be argued that this is the ‘most secret’ plot event.

The full sessions can be downloaded here:

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