Perseverance on Mars

Target 22423272 was tasked on the 24th february, 2021 in the Remote Viewing Practice targets group.

As much as I like Mars targets, this target session was pretty mundane (possibly due to the very precise target cue that I pasted at the end of this article), I did not even realize I was on Mars.

For main gestalts I got:

  1. Manmade structure
  2. Manmade structure
  3. Unknown
  4. Land
  5. Land-water interface (okay that bit might be a bit weird at first, whaaat? water on Mars, well yes, sort of)

For the first manmade structure I had descriptors such as AOL/SC: Tower/antenna, spherical (on top), metallic (on bottom), curved triangular, narrowing upward, criss-crossy, energetic, circular, ringy, spoked atop, pillar like, upward, white, tubular, propeller-aircrew like, rotating, circling, turning around, whooshy sounds, white noise, static noise, AOl/SC: Locator, radar, boxy, wavy, container-like, rectangular, AOL/SC: corrugated metal board container, hollow, utilitarian, metallic, criscrossy, AOL/SC fan like thing inside, AOL/SC: doppler radar, AI: scientific. The video below featuring the Perseverance baby shows many of the descriptors to be true. Oddly enough it also confirms my data on the whooshy, white noisy, static sound phenomena at 03:17. AI: wooohoooo!

The land-water interface appeared to be frozen, icy, vast, flat, smooth, slippery with AOL: mountains in the background. Now given Perseverance landed in the Jezero delta, which is thought to be an ancient riverbed, the land-water interface categorization is apt. As far as water being present on Mars, it seems the descriptors frozen, icy and rocky were also correct, “the Martian ground ice is deposited inside the porous soil (called the regolith) in various depths mainly depending on the latitude” – so sais the Niels Bohr Institue in one of its articles. As for the mountain in the background, the images shot by the rover itself in the crater speak for themselves:

Perseverance on Mars: Jenoptik′s eyes for the red planet rover | Science|  In-depth reporting on science and technology | DW | 01.03.2021
Images from the Mars Perseverance Rover - NASA Mars

That also verifies the land gestalt descriptors such as wet, icy, cool, hilly, rocky, dark (colour of rocks). The surroundings of primary manmade appeared to be open, fresh, airy! (Hahha, I am still waiting for confirmation on that piece of info), bright, blue (sky), vast, flat ahead of manmade, rocky/hilly further behind.

As I said overall I did not pick up that much going on at target site besides the primary manmade element of target (the rover), other than… another manmade. For this second manmade structure I got the following data: rocky, cementy, very rectangular, horizontal, embedded, covered, AOL/SC: only top part is out (of ground). I would summarize it as a suspiciously symmetrical, geometrical, manmade looking, stoney cuboid shaped something that is half buried in the soil. For illustration purposes only let me stick a picture to show what I mean by that:

NASA finds an iceberg in Antarctica cut to a rectangle with an uncanny  precision- Technology News, Firstpost
Photo taken in Antarctica by NASA (illustration only)

Target feedback was:


Task Reference Number (TRN) : 22423272

The objective of this task that has been coordinated/referenced with the number listed above (22423272) Describe and Sketch the structure in the image shown below, and what the purpose of the structure shown in the picture is. This target is intended to be Remote Viewed at the time, and space, of when and where the picture was taken.

End Of Tasking 02-23-2021 9:20 pm CT

Full session available here:

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