Remote viewing the Book of Boba Fett – part 1

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away” Chris tasked us with the coordinates 8400 – 4005. Jemma, John (Adams), John (Dixon), Lily, Patrick and myself worked the target, which turned out to be to “describe the most secret plot event to be revealed in The Book of Boba Fett television miniseries story“. I think I speak for the entire viewer team when I say: this assignement was super fun! Thank you Chris!

And now, I hand the proverbial mic over to Chris, in the first part of the article series he is going to discuss the session results of John (Adams) and Patrick.

John Adams

John appears to take some time getting accustomed to the signal line considering the nature of the target being a blend of movie production and the final presentation of the show.

He noted: manmade, structure, fabrics, scaffolding, muscle, motion, align, measure.

AOLs of: subjects, room, wall, coffee mug, new construction, Roman, Egyptian, squeezed orange, protractor device. Although not specific to the target tasking the above descriptions could make sense in relation to a Los Angeles film set for a Star Wars production.

John sketched a bowl which was described as a “magic bowl” in AOL.

Two types of bowls do appear in the show and while they are not major plot surprises they are key to the protagonist’s development.

The first is a carved out melon used by the Tuskens to drink water. The protagonist is denied ample water throughout the first episode until he earns the Tusken’s respect and is handled a bowl to drink at the end of the episode.

The second instance is later on during an initiation scene where Boba Fett is given a hand sized basket which contains a small lizard with psychedelic properties. This would fit the description of a magic bowl with “emanations of some kind” as the viewer noted in session.

The other half of the session includes a sketches and descriptions. The first is of a circular “structure” with descriptions of dystrophy, widening and choking.

While there are some elements absent to fully support this interpretation, the tasker strongly believes this aligns with a scene in which a partially digested and injured Boba Fett escapes and emerges from the stomach of the Sarlacc, a very large and stationary sand slug beast.

The session also includes descriptions of; arranged, motion, orbital, clang and embossed. As well as AOLs; staged, Roswell and debris. All good descriptions of a starship in pieces in a desert hangar where Din Djarin aka the Mandalorian (in a surprise appearance in the show) reassembles the ship with allies.

Then a “metal pole or rod”.

While working on the ship, a familiar looking rod part is handled by the characters.

The part is in fact an Easter egg for fans of an identical looking rod which appeared in the very first Star Wars film specifically when Han Solo used it in an attempt to jam a trash compactor the heroes had fallen into.

The session closes with further descriptions which correlate with the physical appearance and cockpit details seen on the starfighter; radar, shiny aluminum and AOLs of; kite and UFO.

Patrick Flanagan

Patrick’s sessions seemed to be more intimate with aspects of the target than the other viewer’s sessions. The tasker got the sense that Patrick was immersed or experiencing the target.

Two particular scenes from the show did correlate with Patrick’s session.

The first and strongest was to a recurring flashback, dream sequence in which a young Boba Fett watches his father’s ship fly away. It is a sequence crucial to the protagonist’s character in regards to this show and what I believe was the basis for Disney’s interpretation of Boba Fett.

Included are descriptions:

Dark, black, solace like feel, open with this object/thing radiating, energetics off it

Like looking into, through this radiance .. has a center line division that reminds me of slit

Halo like glow, luminescent, has a curve to it… feels dark around this

AOLs: Bright Red glowing light in dark background Flame, Galaxy

Fiery Shield AOL: Cosmic feel

The shape has an oddness to it, almond like, curved at top tapered at bottom… like wings side by side, far away feel

The second aspect which the tasker believes was pulled from the signal line is possibly a blend of two elements within the story. Patrick often notes “Wavy energy” with AOL of “Seismograph”. As well as “Something with a signal pattern being recorded here”.

Further descriptions ofit are: “Reminds me of a seismograph or heart monitor pattern. AI – Feel something upwards, either above or lifting up like motion upwards.. energy moving upwards somehow. Everything here is dark and dim”.

There are some scenes in which Boba Fett is medically treated in a ‘bacta tank’. That is Star Wars’ version of a therapeutic or regenerative capsule with advanced healing properties. The room where it is is dark or in dramatic shadows and does have a type of vitals statistics monitor. Also of note, the bacta tank scenes follow the flashback/dream sequences within the story.

Furthermore, there is an end credits scene (see photo above) where a fan favorite, supporting character is discovered to be alive and in the tank after being shot in an American Wild West style duel.

On a related observation of the tasker, “seismic” was mentioned throughout Patrick’s session but in the context of a chart read out. Boba Fett’s ship does have a particular weapon called a seismic charge or bomb which is a fan favorite. The allusion and naming of a seismic or sonic explosion does come up in two other viewer’s sessions but in more applied contexts that makes an intriguing pattern in the project if nothing else.

Check back for the upcoming parts to see what the other viewers found out!

The full sessions of John and Patrick are available here:

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