The Roswell Rock

Target [0203I2021] was tasked by Patrick Flanagan on the 2nd of March, in the Remote Viewing Practice Targets group. The target was to describe the Roswell Rock. The background story of the Roswell Rock was given as follows upon feedback:

On September 4th 2004, Robert L. Ridge , while out walking in an area of the New Mexican desert, 11 miles from Roswell, stumbled across an artifact buried in the sand with strange carvings on it that’s come to be known as The Roswell Rock. The Viewer will move to an optimum position and time period and describe/sketch the artifact known as The Roswell Rock. The viewer will also describe its origins, the creator(s) of the artifact, and any purpose or meaning it may have.

For basic gestalts on this target I had:

  1. Manmade
  2. Space/air
  3. Land

For the manmade the main descriptors I had were dark grey, cold, oblong, rounded, circular, stoney, AOL/SC weird material, unknown material, bumpy, protruded, etched, creased/canaled, eerie, with geometrical patters on it, broken, torn out of order. When I get a sense something is out of order, I usually use a move command to check why. (I found a site that describes the material of the rock saying “What made this rock so noteworthy was the allegedly magnetic qualities it possessed, if a magnet was placed at the north end of the rock, it move counter clockwise, and if the magnet was placed towards the south end it moved clockwise. The rock was taken to a radiologist where it was CAT scanned and X-rayed, the results showed the rock had no magnet or any other material inside it. This rock didn’t even have enough magnetite which could provide it with the magnetic field it possessed naturally.”)

When moving to what happened to manmade (that made it out of order) I got data, such as shaking, booming, crackling, biologicals inside wearing white onsie-suits rotating, pitchblack and dead (non functional) with and AOL/SC: like a collision mid air, discovery, star trek discovery.

Since front loading specified the target was manmade, I only did a short look at land gestalt which I found to be rocky, slanting, downward, crumbled and assymetric. For space/air gestalt I got dim, dark, cool, silent, very still with AI: Nighttime-like. Location-wise and time-of-day wise the data fits that of the supposed Roswell crash, and the main cause in session as to why the target piece have become torn/broken was indicated to be a sudden unfortunate event, that involved biologicals, some sort of structural damage to a main airborne object. The descriptors for the main target element fit the images that have been circulating around on the internet as depictions of the Roswell Rock.

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